Type Constructor Speedup

GLSL type constructor generation has now been moved from run time to compile time. This decreases the amount of processing required for shaders using them, and probably allows for better JIT compilation. The end result is a pretty substantial increase in performance when fragment shaders make use of type constructors.

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Safari Fixes

An issue with TypedArrays has been corrected which prevented Safari from running correctly.

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Fixes and Performance

The cWebGL demos have been updated with a new version of the library. This fixes some problems that prevented lessons 7 and 8 from running correctly.

Also, glClear performance has been greatly increased, which should increase overall performance slightly.

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New blog and cWebGL update

The cWebGL demo page has now been merged into this new blog. I will be adding some old, inactive (but interesting) projects in the future, in the hopes that somebody may find them useful.

The cWebGL library has not been worked on in about a month as I try to catch up on other responsibilities. There are a few minor updates that I will be posting soon, but there probably won’t be anything really interesting for a while.

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