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MIT License


The following demos are taken from Learning WebGL lesson series at

* Not all features are supported yet.

The following demos are taken from the Khronos WebGL demo page at


These demos can be run in just about any modern browser, as long as it implements HTMLCanvasElement. While older browsers may work, without a Javascript compiler, the browser will most likely lock up. If your browser already supports WebGL, then that will be used instead.

A list of acceptable browsers probably include, but is not limited to:

  • Firefox 4+
  • Chrome (any)
  • Internet Explorer 10+ (note: IE9 support dropped due to lack of TypedArray support)
  • Safari 4+

You will NOT get native-like performance out of a software renderer, epecially a Javascript one. Still, with the state of modern browser Javascript compilers, performance should be acceptable as a fallback solution, depending on the application. Furthermore, the library has a built in mechanism which attempts to optimize rendering speed by setting a FPS target, and increasing or decreasing the internal resolution to compensate for load.

This library is under heavy development. As such, functionality is limited to the features contained in these demos, and is not yet a complete drop-in replacement for native WebGL. This will hopefully change over time if there is sufficient interest.